Alison Lousada was born and raised in rural Cheshire on the Potteries border. She moved to London and a 15year successful career in fashion followed. She designed printed textiles for high end established designers, from Clements Ribeiro to Stella McCartney.

            Her passion for ceramics grew from collecting to making under the guiding eye of Nicola Tassie. Alison’s ceramic work was the antithesis of her print work. She set up her own ceramics studio in 2016 to develop her practice from ‘anti fashion therapy’ to a full time profession.

 She creates stoneware vessels involving course textured finishes which crack and blister. The work is inspired by the material itself and the reactions in the kiln, but also her travels, ceramics from Africa and Japan, Icelandic landscapes and a guilty pleasure of 1960/70's German studio pottery.

            Taking combinations of clay, she makes raw yet elegant individual pieces. Each piece goes through multiple firings to build up layers that react in the kiln, raw edges, brush marks and splashes are left and imperfection is encouraged to show the mark of the maker.